Every church needs content writers

The last place you probably thought you would need to whip out your Grammar 101 skills is at your local church, but it’s true your church needs your writing skills to help with the flow of its daily activities.

How can the church use your writing skills?

* editing blog posts
* writing blog posts
* creating sermon recaps
* forming social media status
* promoting upcoming events
* writing press releases
* writing engaging church newsletters

Just to name a few. Content writing is not new, but may be one of the most under advertised ministries in the church. Does your church need a content writer? Do you have a passion for writing? If your local church doesn’t have a media team in place, think about starting one. Ask your ministry leaders if you can start by writing sermon recaps that can be used on your church’s social networks, blog, and or weekly newsletter. If you are not quite ready for sermon recaps, try proof reading or editing content before it goes out.

In our office our blog post drafts are sent out to a test group then edits are submitted before going live to the public. You might want to volunteer your editorial services to your church. If you find yourself having notebooks full of notes that only you see- ask your church if they are looking for content writers to work with the media team to assist in the day to day flow of your church’s written communication.