Language: Do You Speak Churchish?

I’m totally guilty of using a few of these phrases in my day to day language amongst friends, family, and folk I choose to fellowship with. Do you think this type of jargon does more harm than good to the body of Christ?

Body of Christ

/body * of* Christ/ (the people who believe in Jesus’s birth, death, & resurrection)
See! There’s another phrase that the people I work with would need decoded. Why do we use certain terms around certain people? When do we know if we are losing an audience we intended to reach?


/reach/ (Influential in ones decision to come to Jesus)
To be honest, I tend to shy away from people who have the proclivity to go deep in their conversations “just because” It’s just weird and down right kind of scary. There’s  a time and place for everything. People outside the church would need a translator just to join in the conversation.  As people, who believe in God, we must be careful not to run people (the unsaved)  away with all of our church antics. This comedic sketch captures the ever changing culture of church but does accurately represent  a growing number of people of like faith. It’s important to remember, words, sayings, phrases are all learned behaviors.

We don’t win, when we witness to a people that don’t understand what the battle even is. We must work to make sharing our faith plain and simple, childlike.