Guest Post: 10 Reasons Not to Sit On The Front Row

Ten reasons why I avoid sitting on the front row in church really has nothing to do with how I personally feel about the service itself. In the line of work I do, I’m typically always escorted to the front sections of a church where the view of the preacher and the choir resembles me giving my first college speech. I’m supposed to have the best view, but it feels more like I am being put on display for everyone else. My heart usually beats faster, and my thoughts are racing extremely loud in my head. My ability to focus on any one thing cease to exist and even if the message is good there are like 10 other reasons why I will never know it. Read below, 10 Reasons to Skip the Front Row & Head for the Middle Section of Church. 10 Reasons I Hate Sitting On The Front Row at #Church #GuestPost @iamjusnya Click To Tweet

  1. The camera crew shows my angle on the screen like 100 times during the live service. I’m not the only one here.
  2. No Ego, but the fact that people are looking at my back side when I stand up makes me uncomfortable.
  3. I don’t particularly like how loud the speakers are during praise & worship.
  4. The People behind me feel the need to touch my shoulder when the pastor CLEARLY said touch your neighbor…
  6. Everyone can hear me, when I’m quietly trying to open my peppermint. Everyone can hear me, when I'm quietly trying to open my peppermint. #FrontRowProblems Click To Tweet
  7. My neighbor never understands me when I whisper “Can I have a piece of gum?”
  8. I can’t kick my heels off like I would from the back row because the Pastor might trip over them during altar call.
  9. The Praise & Worship Leaders rely on the front row for like …. well, everything.
  10. I somehow always get pulled, pushed, squeezed, slapped, & spit on when it’s time for folks to come to the altar.
I somehow always get pulled, pushed, squeezed, slapped, & spit on when it's time for folks to… Click To Tweet