Decoding Your OWN Destiny, Can You Do It? Destiny Decoded

Recently I’ve had the privilege to work in the creative planning phase for a mega church’s annual conference designed to help believers discover their personal destiny. This year’s there is destiny decoded.  Participants are encouraged to pursue their own paths to Destiny, and become enlighten and equipped against destiny stealers, while understanding the importance of strategic partnerships, and Devine Connections along the way.

destiny decoded

The church tackles the idea that each and everyone of us born of a woman, has a God Given Destiny. We personally must be determined to discover, decode, develop, and decide to arrive at our destination on time. I’m not sure if I have my own personal destiny decoded fully. It is important to discover why you were born. What contribution are you excepted to leave this earth.  As I stand in prayer, with Pastor Keion D. Henderson and The LightHouse Church

I ask that you join me in asking God to reveal His divine purpose for our lives. May clarity of thought come to your mind and may answers to lingering questions be revealed unto you. I pray you see with the eyes of faith further and clearer than those of your natural eyes. I declare, that  godly courage and authority will kidnap ever ounce of demonic fear you may be facing and may you rise and shine, in love filled with the light of the lord which can only be found in Christ Jesus.

Destiny Decoded