Thinking About Giving Up? What A Mistake!

Are You Thinking About Giving Up?

The Prayer of Favor is one of my favorite talks with God. All of us have contemplated giving up on something or someone in our lifetime. It just makes sense, stress high – get rid of what’s causing it. This could be your friends, family, or ,
Dear God, I refuse to become weary in well doing as I approach your throne of grace today, I ask that you forgive me of all unrighteousness. I thank you for being a God of innumerable chances. As your word declares and I agree, grant your people supernatural favor today. Give us favor that no man can withstand.

Prayer of Release

I pray specifically for those who read and share this prayer with others. God’s about to #release His Favor into your Life! When this next storm passes you will testify NOBODY DID THIS, BUT GOD! I pray to a God who sits high, yet looks low. May angels come into battle on your behalf today. I pray for the release of warring angels to fight on your behalf and that #prosperity angels will gather #wealth for your barnyards. I declare that Angels of Peace are enforcing ORDER in all climatic areas of your life.

I pray, every reader/prayer warrior be granted VIP access into secret place of the most High #God May your #prayers overcome huddles and may answers to your requests be released quick and immediately. The wait is over. It will not take you as long as it takes everyone else. May the Matchless Favor of God be upon you today.

We put our foot on the devil’s neck and crush every form of distraction, doubt, #rejection #fear and #failure. No demon will come near your house. There is no weapon, no magic charm, no hater, no man, no woman, no friend or foe, no sickness, no circumstance, no bill, no problem and no witchcraft, no hurt that is manufactured against you, that will prosper. It IS NOT going to WORK! The plots and Plans will Fail because Access to you and yours has been Denied!!!

May your fears be replaced with the Favor of God and your Faith increased enough to finish your race. Be strong in our Lord and Savior as you overcome every obstacle in Jesus’ name!

I declare, you will not die, but live to proclaim the MIGHTY works of OUR GOD!

Your life will be a testimony for the world to witness and see the Glory of the Lord. Declare The RELEASE of YOUR VICTORY by declaring GOD’S FAVOR IS RELEASED TO ME TODAY;