Facebook Live Introduces New Ways to Create Share & Discover Live Video

Facebook Live Video feature now allows users the ability to go live inside of your Facebook Groups and Facebook Events. You will also be able to access interactive features including live reactions, and replaying comments. You still have the ability to invite friends to watch a live Facebook Stream with you.

If you have a church event and would like to host some promotional live chats or behind the scene clips this feature is a great way to share with an audience who has expressed interest in your events. It’s also a great way to stay in contact with your attendees after your event to sell DVD’s, CD’s and other event materials.

I’m a huge fan of speaking directly to your target market as opposed to a one size fits all fans approach. Going live within a Facebook Group allows for a more intimate conversation with specific followers.

Here’s a snippet of what Facebook Newsroom published on their website.

“Live for Groups and Events

“Going live” on Facebook feels special because you are going live with the people you care about. Today we’re rolling out the ability to go live in Facebook Groups and Facebook Events. Live in Groups allows you to broadcast to just the people in the Facebook Group – so you can go live in your family group, or share a workout plan in a fitness group.

Live in Events means you can go live from a birthday party to allow those that can’t make it to join the fun, and a performer can go live backstage to the people who’ve RSVP-ed to the event to give them a sneak peak. You can even use Events to schedule a live Q&A session. We hope this new ability to both broadcast and watch live video within Groups and Events enables people to connect more deeply with their closest friends, family and the communities of people who share their interests.