Church Graphics: Series “Faith Sure of The Unseen”


One Church Resource just released a new series graphic pack on their website. Key details can be found below. As always they offer high quality graphics along with top notch multimedia assets to enhance your Sunday morning worship experience like countdown videos, Intro videos, and social media banners for most of the popular networks

Key Scriptures:
Hebrews 11
Romans 10:17

Week 1: Introduction
Without f– what is faith (substance), how do we get f—– – Romans 10:17?
Abraham (called by faith- name changed)

We are justified by f—– not works (Abraham wasn’t a perfect guy)
Who asked for the 10 commandments? Abraham was made righteous by faith, His children insisted on righteousness by works! Parents!!!

Week 2: The Promise And The Test
You’ll have a son, descendants as numerous as the stars— Ishmael then Isaac – law and grace, in my strength or according to Gods promise?

Week 3: Who’s First?
Isaac Sacrificed – do we love God or the stuff that He provides more– who is first? Faith in $$$ – Children were your 401k in those days