If nothing but death, would keep you

This is a very old post on the death of dreams, that I recently revisited and decided to update.

If nothing but death, would keep you from your dreams, You lack vision.

Death should be your Victory Dance!
It is where you hear, “Well done, thou Good and Faithful Servant.”
Enter in to Your Rest……….. Your Peace.

Death is an end to dreaming, everything now becomes REALITY.
Life Becomes Eternal.
We transition to our prepared place, tailormade just for “us”
——-which we will only inherit after our physical death———–


Wake Up & Pursue Your Dreams while you still have time. Your church, and or your ministry has lost souls connected to you being in the right place at the right time. Recapture your fire and your zeal to seek God and His will for your life while you can.

Write the vision. Make it plain.
Though it tarry,(this means takes longer than you would like for it to happen) Wait for it.

Talk to the Most Valuable Player in Your Life, YOU!

Declare; I see it. I see it.
Say; I believe it. I believe it.

Now enter into that secret place where The Holy Spirit (The Comforter)is assigned to lead you & guide you in everything and in every way. What God has placed on the inside of you, must manifest. Refuse to die full of potential, possibilities and purpose. Has God not spoke it? Will He not bring it to pass? Attaining your dream is an inside job. What say you?
Portia 2011 Random Thoughts

Revision Notes:We are never alone. We have a helper. I love the article George Wood wrote titled “10 Crucial Works of the Holy Spirit” Many people don’t consider the role or the work of the Holy Spirit in our life. Check Out the full article on Charisma News. Below find the 10 Main points George discusses.

1. The Holy Spirit exalts Jesus.

2. The Holy Spirit convicts us.

3. The Holy Spirit regenerates us.

4. The Holy Spirit lives in us.

5. The Holy Spirit seals believers.

6. The Holy Spirit guides us.

7. The Holy Spirit prompts us to worship.

8. The Holy Spirit empowers us for witness.

9. The Holy Spirit enables us to understand and apply what is taught in the Word of God.

10. The Holy Spirit will give life to our mortal bodies.