Why Toxic Ministries Stunt Church Growth

Toxic Ministries Kill Church Growth

You will always encounter a few “Haters”
I think by now, most of you know that everyone will not be happy with all of the decisions you make in life. To be a successful business owner you can not carry your emotions on your shoulders. Being overly sensitive can cause you to lose sight of profitable opportunities. It will also give your haters exactly what they want.

I’m No EXPERT but…

I’m not really a “Hater” specialist. In fact, I actually hate the term because it is loosely used to define people and does not specify a set group of consistent actions. Read more about dealing with haters here.

I am not sure if there is any one “great answer” to dealing with opposition or negative feedback in your business. Although we all aim to be people pleasers in an effort to gain more business, we must remember that all businesses do not market to everybody. Every business model has a target market.

Read a few of my suggestions on dealing with negativity in the workplace HERE

Progress. Persevere. Produce.

Remember negativity slows progression.
Negativity hurts. Push pass the emotional distress and persevere.
If you don’t produce, you will reduce. Your brand deserves your best for maximum productivity.

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Portia Chandler 2013

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