Successful Church Leaders Do This 1 Thing Right

Ministry Leaders who cultivate an environment of gratitude will  always develop higher functioning ministry teams. Appreciation goes a long way when attempting to build your church membership utilizing the volunteerism strategy. I’ve never had an issue donating my time and or my services to my home church free of charge mainly because I felt appreciated, valued, and needed. When you can be thankful for the people who show up to assist you despite their efficiency in a particular area you will teach others acceptance not competition is what matters.

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Many ministry leaders encourage members to find their fit and get involved in ministry but often “pick and choose” who they will actually use for certain tasks. While there are many reasons in which I agree with the selective method process among church volunteers, there are proven negative consequences that follow when personal selection is the only method.

Thankful leaders, pastors, volunteers, church members, visitors, children, and church teams rule the world! An attitude of gratitude will purchase more for your church and its mission than any church budget could ever hope to afford. When church leaders appreciate their staff and volunteers you will find that they work harder, do greater, and constantly go beyond the call of duty because they have a sense of belonging a reason to show. Their work has purpose and is appreciated.