Why Execution Is Still Key In Churches

Execution is key, but executers are hard to find. Churches are filled with people who have mastered the art of over promising and under delivering. Members & Staff who shell out a million great ideas a day that inspire you to do bigger & better but lack the wherewithal to execute the task at hand.

Churches need to foster an environment for creative teams to develop as a ministry within the church. Creatives play an important role in church development and church growth. Creatives are executers by nature. They live to create something new, something different every day. They are self motivated to better themselves and their skill sets. They are sometimes very introverted members so they may not be first in line to volunteer their time and or their talents. Creatives have the ability to get things done, but may need coaching. It’s really a ministry where idea is engaged to ability. You thought it, but can you do it?

Creatives shape the look & feel of the world we know

Back in the day, creatives were just called over zealous volunteers who had an itch to serve so they brought their time, talents, and gifts to the altar and the result was a church culture & community. The sense that you belonged or were apart of something bigger.

Now days, we have organized religion and strategically organized church services. Every song and every word has a time slot. We don’t print programs anymore but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It is a lot harder to just walk up and volunteer your time or your talents to a church family because there is a process for just about everything. There is a system in place to expedite things, a hierarchy that must be climbed and a headache to gain just to offer your services for free. This why churches don’t have many executers on their teams and the main reason authentic volunteerism is death.

No one pledges their church, to be a part of a church family so you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or even interview to be a part of a church organization. In schools all across the world parents volunteer together to organize extra curricular activities for their children, they are called the PTO. I love the title, Parent Teacher Organization. It’s crystal clear from the jump, parents & teachers organize activities for their children’s school to accomplished mutually agreed upon goals and they do it all for free. They fundraise to support their efforts and donate in times of need. Are you aware of just how much the PTO does in your community? They operate like a church was designed to function and less like a business. The rally the support of executers, parents who get things done, parents who make things happen, teachers who want to do more, see more, create more experiences for the children they teach.

Who is on your church team? Do you have volunteers that execute ideas or do you have volunteers that show up confused but are willing to get in where the fit in?