Would you like to learn how to use social media to save souls? Leading beyond the pulpit and the comfort of routine ministerial methods that no longer prove to be effective for this next generations.

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Does your ministry have a content marketing strategy?
How do you plan to stay engaged with supporters?
Communication is key, but more importantly the channels of communication must flow both outgoing & incoming. Do you know what your supporters expect from your ministry? Having clearly defined goals for your organization is a must.



Even with the best technology and evangelism tools are at your disposal, creating daily valuable, viral content for your church/ministry is hard work. Despite the fact, that your church or ministry teams are highly motivated, committed, talented, & super creative individuals, it is inevitable to have another church/organization launching similar if not the exact same campaign but be more effective in their delivery approach.


Welcome to the bottom of my website, you must really mean business or just happen to adore my obsession for room decor. Either way, I appreciate the time you’ve spent on my site researching how to take your church/ministry or non profit organization to the next level. I believe with all my heart, that every human being born of a woman, has a purpose that is tailor-made for their life. It’s in embedded deep into your DNA.
If you are a
* Pastor/Church
* Ministry Leader
* Department Head
* Worship Leader
* Volunteer
* Christian Comedian
* Street Team
* Dreamer

Ask yourself this question.

What contribution will the world experience from my ministry?

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If you are reading this right now, you since there is a more excellent way to deliver the Good News of Jesus to the sheep you are responsible for. You have been given the [Gift of Life] for such a time as this.

We have all been given the [ Gift of Life ] but we are not all a [ Gift to Life] ~ Portia Chandler

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